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Engineering and Operations Conference
March 11 to 13, Minot
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For engineers, staking technicians, operations and construction personnel

The N.D. REC Engineering and Operations Association collaborates with NDAREC every year to provide technical training for engineers, operations and construction personnel at its annual conference. This year’s conference will feature three technical sessions, offered as part of the NDAREC Menu of Education Programs.

Key Topics

  • Developing requirements for FR clothing
  • Application of the Minimum Approach Distance (MAD) and how this distance can affect overhead and underground designs
  • Requirements for live-line work methods
  • Temporary protective-grounding equipment requirements

Think Smart, Stay Safe and Reduce Liability
April 9 (morning workshop), Minot
November 4 (morning workshop), Mandan
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For REC employees, supervisors and board members

A crime can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. So it’s important to employ savvy street smarts — those automatic refl exes that can save you and your co-workers, family and friends from serious injury — or worse.

Real-life scenarios are woven into a fast-paced, 3-hour workshop to provide participants with the needed skill set and mindset to stay safe on and off the job.

Key Topics

  • Changing your behavior to decrease the risk of becoming a victim
  • Responding to high-risk situations that are becoming more prevalent in North Dakota
  • What to do if someone points a gun at you
  • Executing the best approach in the event of an active shooter in your office
  • Ways to reduce the cooperative’s potential liability for situations that involve employees

Instructor: Carol Fredrickson is a recognized authority on personal safety, violence prevention and crisis management. She spent 15 years in law enforcement, specializing in emergency services and disaster preparedness, and was awarded the Police Chief’s Commendation for saving the life of a police officer.

Fredrickson has designed more than 2,000 customized training programs for a diverse range of corporate, financial, nonprofit association, insurance, government and manufacturing clients. A passionate advocate for personal strength and self-reliance, she and her husband, Duane, are the founders of Violence Free. Clients across the country rely on their combined skills and experience to assist them with on-site consulting, conducting high-risk terminations, and training.

The Control Factor: How to Manage Angry People
April 9 (afternoon workshop), Minot
November 4 (afternoon workshop), Mandan
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For REC employees, supervisors and board members

This workshop will transform attendees’ beliefs about anger and how to handle anger, personally and professionally. These time-tested techniques can be immediately applied to help create safe and positive outcomes for the cooperative’s employees and member-owners.

Key Topics

  • The first action to take when faced with someone who is angry
  • The key to staying calm and appearing confident under pressure
  • How to calm irate customers and reduce stress
  • Developing a toolbox of strategies
  • How to peacefully defuse volatile situations
  • Approaches that tend to escalate conflict and what to do differently
  • Immediate action to take if hostile behavior gets out of hand
  • How your responses impact the resolution at every step

Instructor: Carol Fredrickson.

Building New Supervisory Skills for a Changing Workplace
August (date TBA), Bismarck
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For front-line supervisors and department managers

This program will be custom-designed and offered in conjunction with the North Dakota and South Dakota Offi ce Managers and Accountants Conference, to provide a choice of conference sessions to address supervisory issues and skills training.

Key Topics

  • Communication skills for supervisors
  • Managing workplace conflicts
  • Recruiting and retaining the right employees for your cooperative

Instructor: Kayla Barrett has been involved with human resources, training and development since 1991. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communication and Master of Science degree in Organizational Communication with an emphasis in training and development from Murray State University.

Crucial Conversations in the Boardroom, BL #956
October 25, Mandan
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For REC board members

This highly interactive course teaches electric cooperative directors skills for creating alignment and agreement in the boardroom by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional or risky topics — on the issues that face electric cooperatives today. Using real world co-op examples, directors will practice speaking for clarity and purpose; encourage others to do the same; analyze the best ideas to make the highest-quality decisions with the goal of acting on issues with unity and commitment.

Instructor: A professional trainer since 1989, Deanna Turner has delivered more than 650 speeches, presentations and training seminars for groups ranging in size from 4 to 250. Her audiences span all organizational levels, from new hire front-line employees to boards of directors, including groups from Microsoft, T-Mobile, Bank of America, Northwest Public Power Association, Washington Bankers Association and The Seattle Times.

Applying Governance Concepts to Real Boardroom Challenges, BL #939
November 15, Mandan
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For REC board members

Pressure from members, the media and Congress as well as a rapidly changing economic landscape have sharply increased the need for directors to stay ahead of the curve on key governance issues and leading practices. This course is designed specifi cally for directors who have earned their Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) certifi cate. It reviews core legal, fi duciary and fi nancial responsibilities, while giving directors an opportunity to apply knowledge through a series of real-world case studies.

This course is designed specifi cally for directors who have earned their Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) certifi cate. It reviews core legal, fi duciary and fi nancial responsibilities, while giving directors an opportunity to apply knowledge through a series of real-world case studies.

Key Topics

  • Fiduciary duties of directors
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Key board relationships
  • Communication with the cooperative’s membership

Instructor: Pat Mangan

Financial Decision Making, NRECA CCD #2640
December 5 and 6, Mandan
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For REC board members

This course helps directors understand the role of the board in fi nancial planning, including identifying the basic documents used in fi nancial planning and reporting; assessing the issues that drive fi nancial decisions; balancing competing goals; and taking responsibility to monitor and evaluate results.

Key Topics

  • Key financial decisions boards must make
  • The uniqueness of the cooperative business model
  • Three key financial documents and three key financial ratios
  • The basics of allocating and retiring capital-credits policy
  • Key elements of an equity-management policy

Instructor: Since 1991, Scott Luecal has been providing consulting and training services to consumer-owned utilities, their business subsidiaries and community-directed organizations, the leading insurance company to the consumer-owned electric and telecommunications industries, water companies and economic development agencies.

As a trainer to the rural electric industry, Luecal developed and delivered courses related to strategic planning, fi nancial planning, cost of service and rate design, equity management and capital credits, understanding fi nancial statements, board and management roles and responsibilities, technology planning, and understanding the electric utility business. He also served as the Manager of University Programs for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) for eight years.

Luecal has held various executive-level positions with Central Area Data Processing and the National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC). In August 2007 he left NISC to start his consulting business.

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