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NDAREC Webinars

Professional Development

Our services include professional development programs for directors, managers and employees. Please click on the service below to find out more. Send us an e-mail if we can be of service to you.

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*Dates may have changed on the above pdf for the education menu, for an updated and current list of dates click on this link: NDAREC Association Dates

April 4 — 10 a.m. Central Time
For all employees

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Sometimes the hardest thing about your job isn’t your task list – it’s the people! The pressure of work, deadlines and interpersonal conflict can cause employees and managers to react negatively toward each other. Learn how to build relationships, enhance your credibility and most importantly, get the results you need as you interact with others.

Key Topics
- Understanding emotional intelligence and its impact on business results
- The four domains of emotional intelligence (EI) and the behaviors that are critical with each
- A personal action strategy to build your EI that engages your team and achieves positive team outcomes

May 9 — 10 a.m. Central Time
For supervisors and members of the co-op management team

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Let’s face it. Starting a new job is tough. New employees are walking into your organization where everyone knows each other and knows what to do. In today’s fast-paced environment, there is a cost to effective and efficient on- boarding of new team players. This interactive webinar equips leaders to think like a new hire to ensure not only the right information is shared with them, but at the right time and with the most effective approach to ensure employees are productive as quickly as possible. Business results occur at a faster pace and new employees become engaged more quickly.

Key Topics
- Learn the five big questions every new hire has on day one of their job
- Identify the key players in your on-boarding process
- Understand the four phases of on-boarding to advance productivity and increase new-hire retention

September 12 — 10 a.m. Central Time
For all employees

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Impressions matter. They’re critical to both your external and internal customer relationships. Those impressions are developed with each interaction, and set the stage for how you get work done through others, how to get what you need from others, and how to foster relationships that move you forward. This webinar will help you learn how to build a respected and positive reputation across the organization.

Key Topics
- The importance of diplomacy and tact in today’s demanding workplace
- Body language in sync with the intended message
- Maintaining composure and confidence in tough situations
- How to effectively communicate criticism, bad news or in conflict situations

October 3 — 10 a.m. Central Time
For all employees

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In today’s time-strapped environment, listening more and talking less is crucial for anyone who wants to be successful. In this interactive webinar, you will discover the emotional and logical components of business listening; techniques for listening in different situations (i.e. highly emotional, hostile, business meetings); and ways to communicate with others based on four different listening styles. These business skills will greatly improve your ability to influence and lead others.

Key Topics
- The business costs of effective versus ineffective listening
- The emotional and logical process involved in business exchanges
- Four distinct listening styles and how they impact the listening process
- Practical actions that will increase your focus and recall of business conversations

Instructor: Instructor: Kayla Barrett has been involved with human resources, training and development since 1991. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communication and Master of Science degree in Organizational Communication with an emphasis in training and development from Murray State University. Barrett previously served as a director of human resources. In addition, she has served as Director of Organizational Strategy for the Gaylord Entertainment Hotels division. Her additional work experience includes roles in sales training with a large corporation and technology training with another. She is a member of the Association for Talent Development and the Society of Human Resources Management.


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