This webinar series includes eight webinars developed for engineering and operations staff. All REC employees are welcome
to register for these webinars if the content can be beneficial to them. Each webinar is 90 minutes, including a brief questionand-
answer period. Most presentations will be in Power Point format with the presentation handouts provided in pdf format,
although more extensive materials may be available for some sessions. Each webinar will be recorded.

Advanced Car Chargers
April 12
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There are essentially three levels of electric vehicle chargers Level 1 (120 volts), Level 2 (240 volts) and Level 3 fast chargers. The advanced Level 3 fast chargers can have demands of 1 MW for just four charging stalls. The growth in EV for cars and other larger vehicles such as buses will have a significant impact on the distribution grid. This webinar will discuss the three common charging dispensers, the inverters to power the dispensers, and the demand cycle when charging EV batteries.


Electric Service for the Electric Vehicle Fleet
May 10
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Public and private fleet operators are switching to electric vehicles to reduce costs, cut emissions and lower their carbon footprint. Depot fleet charging can have many EV vehicles connected to chargers, which can spike demand on the electric grid. This webinar will explore EV charging strategies that help limit kW demand and optimize charging times. The presentation will also provide information on commercial charging
and energy-as-a-service models for charging fleets.

2023 National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) Sneak Peek
July 19
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The 2023 NESC is available in August of 2022 and becomes effective in January of 2023. This webinar provides a quick overview of the NESC updates. There are more than 500 change proposals submitted in this Code cycle. New sets of rules are expected for utility controlled PV plants and utility batteries as well as numerous changes throughout the NESC.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Easement Acquisition
August 9
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The best-designed power line is useless without land to build it on. Acquiring easements from property owners to cross over their land and possibly cut their trees may be the hardest part of distribution line staking. This webinar offers tips to aid in obtaining easements and pitfalls to avoid.

Understanding Micro Grids
October 11
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Micro-grids are small power grids operating either within a larger power grid or independently. Micro-grids are increasingly becoming advantageous to customers such as college campuses, industrial complexes and military bases. This webinar provides insight into the various micro-grid scenarios, development of a micro-grid system, and the technologies to integrate the microgrid system.