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The benefits of beneficial electrification

If “rural electrification” was a buzzword spreading across the nation in the 1930s, “beneficial electrification” might be a buzzword of the 2030s.

Rural electrification in North Dakota held dreams of making life better for every farm family, and eventually, meant serving members in every pocket of this state, from the most remote to urban areas.

Beneficial electrification, on the other hand, encourages the use of electricity when and where it makes sense. It also aims to improve quality of life, but it doesn’t mean electrify at all costs.

Moments of consensus - March 2023

My editorial this month comes to you as we hit the peak of the North Dakota legislative session, which happens every two years. It’s a busy time for leaders in state and local government, media and advocacy organizations. It’s also a critical time for North Dakota citizens to engage with their legislators on issues that matter to them.