The long game

Take a minute to think of your own examples of a long-game focus. Who are the people, leaders, organizations, businesses and institutions that choose the long game – exhibiting patience, thoughtful long-term planning – and collectively work toward the bigger picture or larger goal. They have the self-control to decline the quick, easy or trendy that provide mere short-term gratification.

Through snow, mud and miles

An ice and snow storm rolled into North Dakota late April 22. Over two days, icy rains, heavy, wet snow and winds up to 60 miles per hour wreaked havoc on western and north central North Dakota. The storm affected 14 electric cooperatives, toppling more than 4,000 poles, downing distribution and high-voltage transmission lines, and damaging substations, with the brunt of damage sustained in the northwestern quadrant of the state and areas served by Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative, McLean Electric Cooperative, McKenzie Electric Cooperative and Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative.