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What is REPAC?
The North Dakota Rural Electric Political Action Committee (REPAC) is the political arm of the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives (NDAREC) and its member cooperatives. The purpose of the organization is to provide financial support to statewide and legislative candidates who are identified as friends of the rural electric program. REPAC does not make contributions to candidates for federal office.

What does it cost to join REPAC?
All contributions to REPAC are accepted, appreciated and at the discretion of individual members. Suggested member contributions are:

  • $60 member per year
  • $120 member per year
  • $240 member per year

Who should join REPAC?
REPAC includes employees, managers, directors, and patrons of NDAREC and its member G&T and distribution cooperatives. If you care about the future of your cooperative, your contribution to REPAC will help us send that message clearly to our elected officials.

Why should I join REPAC?
Joining together with others who believe in the programs and philosophy of rural electric cooperatives has never been more important. The current electric industry restructuring debate demonstrates that the future of the RECs depends upon legislative and regulatory decisions that will be made primarily at the state level. There is strength in numbers, and by combining our individual contributions, we can let state and legislative candidates know that we care about the future of our rural electric cooperatives.

What if I don't want to join REPAC?
REPAC is strictly a voluntary organization and memberships are not secured by physical force, job discrimination, or financial reprisal. Everyone has a right to refuse to contribute without any reprisal or threat of reprisal. We want contributions only from those who believe in the goals of REPAC.

Who runs REPAC?
REPAC is operated by an 11-member board of directors. The president of NDAREC selects five directors from among the board members of NDAREC and three employee representatives from among those co-op employees who are members of REPAC

How will my contribution be used?
All contributions received by REPAC are used to provide financial support to statewide and legislative candidates who support rural electric issues. REPAC operates on a nonpartisan basis, and supports candidates from both parties. REPAC board members gather information about candidates' positions and voting records, meet with candidates, and visit with local co-op REPAC liaisons, coop managers and directors before making REPAC contribution decisions.

How do I know where the money went?
All political action committees are required to disclose all contributions received and all candidate support provided in excess of $200. REPAC files this information with the Secretary of State's office on an annual basis. REPAC contribution information is also available upon request.

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